What do we do?

The main goal of the Association for the Development of Human Resources and Adult Education is to enable the further development and improvement of the field of human resources and adult education through its synergistic action and to encourage positive and necessary changes in the labour market with future initiatives, as well as to actively listen to the needs of all its stakeholders.

  • Cooperation with competent state bodies, professional organizations, chambers and institutions on issues of andragogical theory and practice
  • Organizing consultations, lectures, seminars, forums and other professional gatherings and education
  • Popularization of adult education
  • Support and participation in the activities of science, professional work and research that contribute to the development and better status of andragogic theory and practice

  • Publication of professional and scientific andragogic publications
  • Organization, implementation and care of training and continuous professional development of andragogic employees

Further events

In addition to the member educational institutions, the work of the Association is intended for all participants in educational processes in Croatia, and many of our activities are open to the participation of all interested parties.

International cooperation

European projects

Erasmus + projects

Event organization

All parties that have a stake in a system should be represented in its management.