KA2 Step forward

The Association for the Development of Human Resources and Adult Education, in cooperation with the Serbian Association of Andragogists and Slovenian Association of Andragogues is implementing the KA2 project called STEP FORWARD.

The main goal of the project is to offer support to adult educators in using digital technologies in adult education by developing digital pedagogy and providing guidance in the form of guidebooks and workshops on how to use digital tools in their teaching.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to help educators to:

  • Improve their teaching skills in the digital age and adapt their teaching to a different, online mode of learning
  • Introduce teachers to current internet trends and ways of implementing them in the classroom
  • Provide practical ideas of how teachers can use technology in their current tasks and work plan
  • Enhance their motivation for using technology in the classroom
  • Create their own online workshops and courses by implementing good andragogical practices and strategies into digital learning
  • Increase their competences and confidence in selecting and using ICT tools for didactic and andragogogical purposes